Is Osaka dangerous? My experience living in Osaka’s “Minami.”

Is Osaka dangerous? Osaka locals and Tokyo natives love to give their opinions on this one all the time. Osaka was the first place I ever lived in Japan. Over 5 years I lived in the 3 different areas, 2 of which were pretty seedy areas in Osaka, with 1 being a safe suburb in between Kobe and Osaka. So I think I have a pretty well-rounded view regarding this question. So, is Osaka dangerous? If you were to ask Japanese people outside of Osaka, they would probably tell you that Osaka is infamously dangerous, dirty…and all-around weird, in both a good and bad way. So, what is the truth? In this article, I thought I would cover this while reflecting on my 5 years of living in the Osaka area. How dangerous is Tennoji, Osaka? – The first area I ever lived in Japan was…unique… The first place i ever lived in Japan was Osaka’s Tennoji area, an area infamous for having some of the most seedy areas in Japan. It’s also famous for having one of Japan’s most family friendly malls!…Right outside one of Tsuttenkaku (通天閣), one of Japan’s most seedy drinking neighborhoods. It has delicious foods, beer, … Continue reading Is Osaka dangerous? My experience living in Osaka’s “Minami.”