Why Don’t Japanese Men Have Beards? All About ‘Seiketsukan’ Culture

Japanese men usually don’t have beards because they don’t match Japan’s obsession with the concept of seiketsukan, which can roughly be translated as a ‘sharp-dressed’ look into English. This concept of seiketsukan is a very important factor of Japanese society. Let’s take a deeper look. The simple answer to why men in Japan don’t have beards Men in Japan don’t have beards because facial hair is thought to be somewhat unsanitary or ‘not proper’. Having a beard in Japan can give people a bad first impression of you because you will appear to lack the proper drive to properly groom yourself by the standards of Japanese society. This standard is…pretty complicated. Throughout this article I would like to explain some key concepts to understanding this stigma against facial hair such as seiketsukan (清潔感), and also the Japanese concepts of enryo (restraint), shikkari suru (to act in a ‘proper’ manner), and recount some of my experiences dealing with these concepts in Japan’s new graduate hiring system. The history of beards in Japan, and why samurai had beards but modern Japanese men don’t It’s true, and somewhat ironic. Historically speaking the samurai of Japan’s Edo period had facial hair. It was seen … Continue reading Why Don’t Japanese Men Have Beards? All About ‘Seiketsukan’ Culture