How to Teach Yourself Japanese; My Experience

One of the key techniques to teaching yourself Japanese is to record everything. By recording your own progress in learning Japanese you will be able to give yourself the appropriate context regarding own journey and will be able to formulate a plan on how you may progress forward teaching yourself Japanese. Which Japanese Textbook should you start with? You should start with Genki 1! As I have said before, my undying love for this textbook has become somewhat of an inside joke with my friends and audience. There are a number of reasons why I recommend Genki 1, the primary one being the fantastic pacing and way it eases you into using the Japanese alphabets. It’s the only beginner’s textbook I’ve used, and the only beginner Japanese textbook I’ve ever needed. You can find Genki 1 at the link below; GENKI I: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese (English and Japanese Edition) How to teach yourself Japanese, Technique #1; Write everything down The advice I always give to people when they ask me how they can improve their Japanese is to write everything down. Record…everything. And I really mean it. You saw a new word that you don’t know? Write … Continue reading How to Teach Yourself Japanese; My Experience