Should you Move to Japan? My Advice and Experience

Living in Japan as a Japanese native and as a foreigner are two very different experiences. A great example of this; in Japan people tend to be more indirect and shy, which means that as a foreigner in order to succeed, you are almost required to take charge. Many different contradictions such as this exists. Should you move to Japan? If you are somebody who is driven to put themselves in a potentially challenging and socially-isolating environment, moving to Japan will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Japanese culture tends to exacerbate any shortcoming we have as people, and forced us to improve on them. Why is that? Because living in Japan in entirely what you make it. If you are a likable, open, and friendly person, it will be very possible to make friends in Japan. You stand out, and you will be able to take advantage of that on a minute-to-minute basis. On the other hand, people who move to Japan who are more pessimistic may come to realize that they ‘hold all of the cards’ in their relationships, so to speak. So much of the outcome of whether or not you will have … Continue reading Should you Move to Japan? My Advice and Experience