What people REALLY Do On Japanese New Year’s

Japanese families traditionally gather to eat seasonal-appropriate foods such as Osechi ryori, and participlate in Hatsumōde (初詣, hatsumōde) which is the first Buddhist temple or Shinto shrine visit of the Japanese New Year. In Japan, New Year’s is an important holiday to spend with family. But I know the truth…I know what everybody really cares about… How I spent my New Years in Japan, and how I ended up watching that… Many people may think of the wholesome picture I painted above. Oh, not the one where the guy is getting humourously and very publicy humilitated. No no… the picture where Japanese families gather harmoniously to eat wholesome osechi ryori and do their happy humility-filled hatsumode run. No no no… They are trying to keep it a secret…but I know the reality… There is a harsh reality… and I know it! I know the truth that the Japanese people look forward to a national New Year’s past time that is much more cheeky than you may be thinking. A New Year’s past time that involves copious amounts of spank-by-club But how did I experience this…and what am I even talking about? It all started when I was hanging around in … Continue reading What people REALLY Do On Japanese New Year’s