What’s It Like Studying at a Japanese University? My Experience

Why I entered a Japanese University I had originally moved to Japan in early 2015 to study Japanese at a Japanese language school. While at language school, I saw the ferocity at which other students were studying to for the ‘Nihon Riyuugaku shiken” or´╝łEJU). This environment really inspired me to go ‘absolutely ham’ studying Japanese, where I would remain in a tiny Japanese library studying with everyone else for 10-12 hours at a time. It was great! And crazy… You can read more about my experience studying at a Japanese language school here… I saw Japanese university as a chance to take courses in Japanese with other Japanese students, and ultimately test myself in what I had learned. It was the ultimate challenge after 15 months spent studying in a Japanese language school. How to get into a Japanese University Most Japanese students spend the majority of the second half of their high school careers cramming information into their heads. This is because entrance to a Japanese university is almost entirely predicated on your ability to perform well on each Japanese universities’ respective entrance exam. Contrary to my experience in the United States, grades and extracurriculars have very little to … Continue reading What’s It Like Studying at a Japanese University? My Experience