Do People in Japan Drink Coffee? All About the ‘Third Wave’

In 2019, over 7.5 million 60 kg bags of coffee were consumed in Japan. Japan is one of the biggest coffee-consuming nations in the world, despite the fact that the amount of home-consumption barely creeps into the global top 50 rankings. Why people drink coffee in Japan, and the reason why canned coffee is so popular While drinking coffee at home is a relatively new cultural phenomenon in Japan, coffee permeates the countries culture with both the abundance of cafe’s and the popularity of canned coffee sold in vending machine’s on nearly every street corner. In addition, the introduction of the ‘third wave’ coffee culture and a newfound interest in specialty coffee beans is creating a whole new ‘café-hopping’ culture in a country with the perfect infrastructure to support the industry. There is a linguistic pattern you will notice in Japan. People really like to say ‘ganbarimasu'(頑張ります), and people also really like to say ‘otsukare’ (お疲れ.) ‘Ganbarimasu’ is an extremely nuanced word with multiple meanings depending on the exact situation, but could probably be best translated into English as ‘I will work hard to do my best.’ Otsukare’ on the other hand, is something that you say to other people … Continue reading Do People in Japan Drink Coffee? All About the ‘Third Wave’