Studying At a Japanese Language School; My Experience

In my experience, attending a Japanese language schools provided me with the perfect environment to immerse myself in a strict ‘Japanese only’ environment. The intensity and long study-hours, as well as the fact that you are studying in a group, helps to keep language learners accountable in their goals, and helped me personally kick-off my life in Japan. Choosing to study at a Japanese language school means choosing to dive head-first into life in Japan. The initial move to Japan can be pretty intimidating journey because, unfortunately, the time when you have the least amount of experience (when you get off the plane) is also the time in every expat’s life where they will need to go through the most amount of setup, frustration , and confusion. Most people who make their way out to Japan start off as English teachers, typically through the Jet program. I have from a lot of friends who did this that they tend to end up in a bit of an English-speaking bubble. After all, it is their job to spend 8 hours a day speaking English is front of non-eager Japanese students. I think in contrast to this, starting at a language school … Continue reading Studying At a Japanese Language School; My Experience